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Who We Are

eGroup is a local eLearning cohort created by educators for educators.

Offered by West Branch Local School District, eGroup provides an online learning solution for twelve northeast Ohio schools, bringing a global approach on a local scale.

Boardman Local Schools

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Brookfield Local Schools

Campbell City Schools

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Jackson-Milton Local Schools

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Lakeview Local Schools

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Potential Development

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West Branch Local Schools

What We Do

Our goal is simple ... provide top notch curriculum for our students.

We searched high and low for the next level digital offering to offer at our district. We sought a top-notch company with a deep understanding of the teaching and learning process that invested in quality based on research and development. We arrived at Edgenuity.

We are able to connect and network as a cohort with this premium educational experience at a price that is lower because we share. We are not salesmen. We are educators. We meet and network together in order to do what's best for kids.

From networking to best practices, allow eGroup to help you build your online academy within YOUR district. The old 'out-of-sight out of mind' approach for online learning is dated and counter-educational and simply NOT good for kids.

We want kids to actually learn while they are online. We want kids to write and think about content rather than just 'checking off' boxes. Take control of your students' path by being an active part of it.

Ask us for a DEMO! Let us show you how eGroup can benefit your district and students.

Benefits of eGroup 

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  • Keeping your students in your district
  • Providing local choices that make sense for you instead of shipping or outsourcing your students
  • offering Cohort Pricing in order to make topshelf curriculum possible for us all
  • Use YOUR Teachers or eGroup Teachers or Edgenuity Teachers (or a combo of any of this).
  • CR Courses do NOT need an instructor as it auto-grades.
  • Initial Credit Courses need an instructor.
  • Edgenuity Curriculum (Research-based Product development) (*See more below)
  • Has BOTH Virtual Teachers AND Real Teacher in each class...(Click Here for more info).
  • Professional Development and Training to support your local online academy
  • Best Practices and Networking to Districts
  • Monthly Meetings with our cohort districts
  • Request a DEMO to see this powerful curriculum for yourself
  • Site Visits to help you help your students
  • Summer School 101 (Set up and best practices)

About Edgenuity

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Edgenuity is devoted to devleoping innovative, research-based curriculum that raises student achievement. 

An extensive body of pedagogical research about how people learns drives every aspect of design and development of Edgenuity K-12 learning solutions. Edgenuity curriculum is the result of careful consideration of critical research and theoretical frameworks transformed into smart instructional design that propels learning outcomes for students.

eGroup District Support

  • Monthly meetings with PD topics, networking, and best practices
  • Training to help set up or adjust online academies to keep students in-house
  • Shared sories and enewsletters to keep districts growing together
  • Data discussion on grades, assessments, and state assessments


Use your own teachers and/or any of our eGroup teachers. All Credit Recovery courases auto-grade themselves (with the exception of ELA courses)


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Direct-Instruction Videos

Expert on-screen teachers provide direct instruction, model strategic thinking, and make real-world connections, so students get the guidance and help they need for meaningful learning and application.


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Interactive Tasks and Assignments

Students read and write, explore and create, practice, predict, and more in order to develop the analytical and critical thinking skills they need to succeed both now and in the future.


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Formative and Summative Assessments

A variety of Assessments test for mastery and immediately provide direct, actionable feedback so students can monitor their own progress and teachers can step in to provide additional help when needed.


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Interactive Learning Tools

Our full suite of learning tools, including read aloud, text translation, and Guided Notes in select core courses, helps students access content, organize information, and complete assignments.

6-12 Middle and High School Courses

K-5 Elementary Options

Getting Started with eGroup

Contact us to have a conversation about your district's needs and goals!


Mr. Jayson Yeagley
Phone: 330.938.4300 ext. 37404