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Warrior Academy Policies

There are some best practices or norms that are important to ensure that students are able to excel in this type of learning environment

Students Must:

  • Work 25-30 hours per week (moving through coursework and NOT just logging in) (This system differentiates active vs idle time.
  • Keep a certain minimum pace in order to finish courses within outlined deadlines (5%+ per week per course will put a student on pace)
  • Make special arrangements for get extra lab time if Internet is not working. This could be digital or in person.
  • Ask for help from teachers, educators, and/or guardians.
  • Actually read content, watch videos, do practice¬†work (instead of just racing through and taking quizzes and tests and failing).
  • Complete the demands of all tests.
  • NOT zoom through work without reading, watching, and working (and then asking for extra tries on assessments and/or assignments).
  • Use the 'built in tools' as tools to help take notes, untangle vocabulary, and or other roadblocks. These powerful tools will help.
  • Email teacher(s), call Warrior Academy Lab, or contact Edgenuity (Technical issues/not academics) with any confusion or need for help.

Students Must NOT:

  • Expect online learning to be easier.
  • 'Ghost' the district, teachers, and/or other educators. (Ghost=Ignore)
  • Fly through the 'Learning part of a module' while failing quizzes and tests (and then asking for retakes).
  • Use the 'My Internet is not working' excuse. Students must have Internet to be an online student.
  • Get behind in pacing, coursework while not asking for help (voicing concerns is a must).
  • Make excuses. (Students sometimes try to 'make a meal' of online learning with a plethora of excuses.)
  • Become a truancy risk. (Truancy is directly balanced with pacing and the amount of work completed) (HB410) (Attendance Policy)
  • Refuse to visit the Warrior Academy Lab when scheduled and/or when help is needed (digital for some/in person for others).
  • Blame internet connectivity and/or transportation. (The school has internet available AND busing for in-district students)


Student Schedules

Students thrive with a schedule to follow. WB will be making a schedule to follow. Students who are given classes and 'turned loose' do not do as well. Students need structure to ensure they are staying on pace and grade. Mirroring the school day will ensure students are not getting behind AND will provide support from West Branch Educators. The sample below simulates a schedule for a Middle School student. Notice it looks very similar to a traditional days.

Example: John Doe, 7th grader

8:00am-9:00am--7th Grade ELA
9:00am-10:00am--7th Grade Math
11:00am-12:00am--7th Grade Science
12:30pm-1:30pm--7th Grade Science
1:30pm-3:00pm--7th Grade Electives

Parent Tips

Parent Protip #1--Be involved. Students can really 'look' busy. The online parent needs to support students learning. Simply stating, "I am not very techie" will not help the student move forward. The Warrior Academy offers technical support. We want parents to understand the tools and expectations on students. We want to TEAM UP with families to make the most of this type of learning.

Parent Protip #2--Create a strong home structure. Students should not be 'Sleeping in' until noon and left to their own schedule. This approach is a recipe for disaster. Parents should monitor student progress daily using parent tools. The engaged parents mixed with the engaged school system leads to an engaged students...WIN WIN WIN!